Love Songs

by Matt Langlais

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love songs


released November 26, 2011



all rights reserved


Matt Langlais Norway, Michigan

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Track Name: Cat People
i extended my hand and you took it
on this sweet land, we took it in
but i won't, no i won't give up give up no i won't

that fox it haunts you like the good days
with rain & forests in that bluish haze
but i know that you won't give up give up no i know

& so we come back to this patch of grass
that holds so much in such little time past
but it won't, no it won't give up give up no it won't
Track Name: Sky Is Land
i can't complain
when you hold my hand
i can't contain
the love in this man

you're brighter
than Orion
in my hands
i'm a liar
but i'm not lyin
when i can't
breathe when
i kiss you
sky is land

out in the dark
the wood creaks, sustained
my car it is parked
the love it is plain

my shoulder's
a home now
for your head
it's weary
& tired
but ain't dead
thank goodness
i met you
before then